About me

We are all story-tellers. Our memories, experiences and dreams blend with stories we’ve heard or read. We connect by sharing our tales. I find and retrieve my stories through painting. Some interpret folktales or literature. Some emerge from somewhere deeper. The joy is in the discovery and I am always surprised by the journey.

Painting, at it’s best, is an act of creation. Creating new worlds, new images. I don’t paint what you already see, I paint what you may feel. My images are loose and flat with almost no spacial perspective, creating the unreal space of dreams, thoughts or memories. They are an escape to a place of possibility. I hope that you may find your own stories within my paintings.

Having left a career as a lawyer, I graduated with Distinction from the Norfolk Painting School in 2017. I live on the outskirts of Ely, Cambridgeshire, with my (artist) husband, Kevin Fitzgerald.