About me

I believe we are all story-tellers. Our memories, experiences and dreams blend with stories we’ve heard or read. We connect by sharing our tales. I find and retrieve my stories through painting. Some are inspired by folktales or poetry. Some emerge from somewhere deeper. Themes of childhood, feminity and vulnerability recur throughout my work and figures often appear in isolation. The joy is in the discovery and I am always surprised by the journey.

Painting, at its best, is an act of creation. Creating new worlds, new images. I don’t paint what I already see, I paint what I can feel and imagine. My images are loose and flat with almost no spacial perspective, creating a dream logic, or a visual poetry of thoughts or memories. They are a personal folklore within which you may find your own stories.

Having left a career as a lawyer, I graduated with Distinction from the Norfolk Painting School in 2017.